Whether you are researching one or all of the recipients of the Medal of Honor many things become apparent.


First, the information on Medal of Honor recipients has been repeated so often that, with the exception of the actual citation, the original source for most data cannot be found.


Second, the actual citation is readily available from many sources and is quoted in so many places that it is easily obtained.  Our objective will be to "translate" the citations into historical accounts of events and to replace those naratives as they are completed.


Third, no one web site seems to focus on specific subsets of recipients, and therefore none have complete information on all recipients.  In essence their effort becomes "watered down" by the magnitude of the effort and it is rarely consistent or complete.


Fourth, lacking original sources, verification of information through multiple sources and looking for inconcistencies seems to be the best way to arrive at consistent facts.


Fifth, lacking actual sources for many items we have chosen to point to the variety of sources we used for the reader to use for their own purposes.

Our Goals

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