Helpful Research Links

This site is the official site for the society and has a significant number of living recipients on its Board.  The site is an excellent starting point for information, especially for new recipients.

Perhaps the best of the sites working to document decorated military service people.  However, they try to cover it all and information there has to be supplemented to paint a complete picture.

This is an excellent source for birthdates, deathdates, burial locations, and in a few cases memorials dedicated to the Medal of Honor recipient.

Wikipedia maintains a well documented site with many details needed to paint a complete picture of a recipient.  But as with all collaborations the information on many recipients is incomplete and presentation is inconsistent.

This is a pay site, so you will either need to join or ask for help from someone who is a member.  However this is the number one source for information on millions of people.  More importantly they have draft information, military records, and a host of other items to verify and cross check information you find elsewhere.

The official site of the Arlington National Cemetery together with a helpful search engine to locate graves.

The Defense Department on-line information site with thousands of historical documents.  This one takes some "getting use to" to get to the information, but once you conquer the search engine it is an invaluable resource.

The official web site for the national exhibition portrait collection

The official web site for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.  The foundation has excellent information and other links of interest

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